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Brightmoon History and Culture CIC was founded by Roger Appleton and David Bedford. As well as Roger and David, The Board of the CIC is made up of the following members:


We believe that in celebrating the lives of ordinary and extraordinary people of our region we can contribute to the sharing and valuing of our lives to bring people together and to give them a voice.

Previously we have produced documentaries, short films, film archives, podcasts, books and articles that cover subjects such as the lives of, musicians, artists, maritime history and Irish migration.  We are currently in development with projects about mixed race Irish in South Liverpool (in Partnership with the Liverpool Irish Centre), the Country Music Scene in the late 50s and early 60s when Liverpool was known as the Nashville of the North and the story of Lord Woodbine and the clubs of Liverpool 8. 


We would love to talk to any individuals or groups who believe that their story has not been told and who would like to work with us to bring to life and record the often forgotten histories of our region.

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