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Brightmoon opens on YouTube

Times are changing and the way people consume their media is changing so... we've been putting this off for quite a while but we have now established a Brightmoon YouTube Channel: Brightmoon Liverpool.

A good proportion of the work we do is related to music and we have made two feature length documentaries; Get Back, the City That Rocked the World and Looking for Lennon. So we decided that the channel should specialise in music and to a large extent music that has a relationship to Liverpool.

We began by uploading a couple of clips from Looking for Lennon. They didn't make much of a splash but then after a few weeks our viewing figures began to climb steadily so that now we have over 600,000 views across our films and nearly 1300 subscribers.

It's very interesting to look at the analytics provided by the channel and the geographical spread of the viewers. The largest proportion of YouTubers watching our films come from the USA at about 35% but we are receiving views form over 40 countries including places like Puerto Rico, the Philippines, Mexico and Japan.

In the next few months we will be moving from posting clips from our existing films to original purpose made content that will only be available on YouTube. We will still be primarily looking at music and we will be using our unique position to create the films. By that I mean that because we are based in Liverpool we know a lot of people who were around during that explosion of music in the late fifties and early sixties and we can secure first hand accounts of what went on. We will also create content that celebrates the music that came after the sixties.

When we made Get Back: The City That Rocked the World I purposefully chose the opening words to reflect what has happened to the music in the city. They were, “The Beatles have got a lot to answer for.” Certainly in Liverpool it was very difficult for many years to live up to what happened and how the Fab Four dominated music (and culture) for so long. But all credit to the music that has been made since then for its diversity and creativity – a music that has both been inspired by and kicked against the Beatles.


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